17 Best Things to Do In Idaho Falls (Idaho)

Idaho Falls is a charming city in southeastern Idaho. Surrounded by the beautiful Snake River, the city was known as Eagle Rock in the 19th century. There are many things to do in Idaho Falls. Idaho Falls’s popular attractions include the Museum of Idaho, Art Museum Of Eastern Idaho, Collectors Corner Museum, Idaho Falls River Walk, and Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park. The scenic Riverwalk by the Snake River is one of the top spots in Idaho Falls. You can also visit Gnarly Escapes to enjoy a thrilling escape room experience and Reed’s Dairy for delicious ice cream.

To make your trip to Idaho Falls memorable, here is a list of the 17 best things to do, attractions, and places to visit in Idaho Falls.


Museum of Idaho

01. Experience interactive family-friendly exhibits at the Museum of Idaho:

The Museum of Idaho opened in 2003. It’s a history and science museum located in downtown Idaho Falls. The museum’s permanent collections offer visitors to enjoy interactive family-friendly exhibits on Idaho’s social and environmental history. And the history of Idaho’s native inhabitants and its 19th-century settlers.

The museum also hosts world-class traveling exhibits on a variety of subjects, with the tagline “bringing the world to Idaho, and Idaho to the world.”

The museum has an interactive children’s exhibit, including areas for kids to climb and dress up in pioneer clothes. There are seven galleries in the museum, which feature thousands of objects and fossils, including mammoth and other megafauna remains.

Some notable collections of the museums include a life-size Columbian mammoth replica, a unique Revolutionary War-era American flag, and the Northwest’s oldest English-language monument.


The Museum of Idaho is one of the most popular Idaho Falls tourist attractions. You will have a good time exploring the museum. Try to visit during special exhibits. Visit the official website to check out the current and upcoming exhibits.

Address: 200 N Eastern Ave, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.

02. Enjoy walking on the riverside trail at Idaho Falls River Walk – Greenbelt Trail:

Idaho Falls River Walk covers 5 miles of paved trail systems on both sides of the Snake River. The Idaho Falls River Walk provides great opportunities for walking and cycling with amazing views of the river and the falls all along the trail. The River Walk links several city parks, historic downtown, and you will also get easy access to downtown restaurants and shops.

Visitors also can enjoy special annual events like the Idaho Falls Duck Race, Farmer’s Market, and Snake River Roaring Youth Jam.

You will especially love to walk on the riverside trail as the walkway is well-maintained and provides breathtaking views along the way. There are lots of benches to take a break and relax, and you will also find pinching benches and grassy spots, where you can enjoy a lovely picnic.


Walking on the riverside trail will be one of the best free things to do in Idaho Falls. You can enjoy walking and cycling on this trail.

Address: 525 River Pkwy, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.

Idaho Falls Zoo
Image by Greg Goebel / flickr

03. Explore the lovely Idaho Falls Zoo:

The Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park is located in Idaho Falls, and it’s known as the “best little zoo in the west.” The zoo has over 300 individual animals representing 130 species from around the globe.

Idaho Falls Zoo animals include tigers, lions, snow leopards, bears, emus, river otters, wallabies, African penguins, and various birds. The Idaho Falls Zoo participates in animal Species Survival Plans.

Idaho Falls Zoo has a children’s area, where they can learn more about the animals. They can also experience petting the animals and feed them. The zoo is clean and well-maintained by dedicated staff and community volunteers. During the hot summer, the trees provide shade in most zoo areas, and you will find lots of benches to sit on.


The Idaho Falls Zoo is one of the most popular Idaho Falls attractions. It would be one of the best places to visit in Idaho Falls with family. Visit the official website for availability and admission prices.

Address2940 Carnival Way, Idaho Falls, ID 83402, United States.

Hell’s Half Acre, Things to Do In Idaho Falls
James St. John, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

04. Get fascinated by the beauty of Hell’s Half Acre:

Hell’s Half Acre is a basaltic lava plain located about 25 miles west of Idaho Falls. And this area was created from multiple lava flows over a period of centuries, and fur trappers from the 1800s named this place “Hell’s Half Acre.” The area is opposite of what the name suggests, as it’s a beautiful place and provides lovely views. Also, Hell’s Half Acre is one of the unique geologic areas in the country.

Nature and wildlife of Hell’s Half Acre:

The area has two well-paved trails with interpretive signs that are perfect for exploring the area. In the spring and early summer, you will see various wildflowers bloom, including Evening Primrose, Indian Paintbrush, wild onions, penstemon, geraniums, and Prickly Pear Cactus. There are also various plants, including juniper, bitterbrush, wheatgrass, and green fern.

Hell’s Half Acre is also abundant with wild animals, including mule deer, antelope, rabbits, bobcats, coyotes, foxes, and rattlesnakes. You may also spot red-tailed hawks, prairie falcons, or golden eagles flying above.

It’s a good place to do some workouts, and many visitors stop here during a long drive to stretch their legs and get fascinated by its beauty. You will love the beauty of this place, and if you can catch the sunset, it would be magical.


Hell’s Half Acre would be one of the best places to visit in Idaho Falls for hiking and enjoying beautiful nature.

Address: Interstate 15, Idaho Falls, ID, United States.

Freeman Park
Image by Idaho National Laboratory / flickr

05. Play 18-hole disc golf at Freeman Park, Idaho Falls:

Freeman Park served as the city garbage dump in the 1940s and 1950s. The city undertook to repurpose the dumpsite, and in 1957 and 1958, they carried in several thousand truckloads of soil to cover the garbage dump waste.

The Freeman Park was first known as Eagle Rock Park and officially became Freeman Park in 1973. It is a beautiful place located by the river offering visitors to enjoy a good time with nature.

Things to do at Freeman Park:

At the park, you can enjoy a delightful walk on the paved trails while enjoying nature. And you can also play the 18-hole disc golf course.

There is a children’s playground with playing equipment. The park also has a Vietnam War memorial, honoring the individuals who served in the war in this area. You will easily find a pleasant spot for a picnic in ample green space. There is also a lovely area to relax by the Snake River, with plenty of benches.


Visiting Freeman Park would be one of the top things to do in Idaho Falls. You can enjoy picnicking and disc golfing.

Address: 1290 Science Center Dr, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.

Tautphaus Park

06. Enjoy a family picnic at Tautphaus Park:

Charles Tautphaus developed Tautphaus Park in the late 19th century. It became a city park in 1910, and it was the center of many community events like rodeos and county fairs. There’s a small amusement park located inside Tautphaus Park, named Funland. A group of businessmen opened the amusement in 1947.

Tautphaus Park facilities:

Tautphaus Park features several unique facilities, and despite its size, this park is clean and well maintained. The park has tennis courts, multiple softball and soccer fields, a large skateboard park, jogging paths, picnic areas, and a year-round ice skating rink. And the popular Idaho Falls zoo is also located inside the park.

It is a lovely place for a picnic, as there are lots of shaded areas and picnic tables. If you are visiting Idaho Falls as a tourist, it would be a good idea for you to visit the Idaho Falls zoo first and then enjoy some time exploring the Park.


Tautphaus Park would be one of the best places to visit to enjoy various Idaho Falls activities.

Address: 2800 S Boulevard, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.

Idaho Potato Museum
Image by sporst / flickr

07. Explore the Idaho Potato Museum and taste various delicious potato dishes:

The Idaho Potato Museum is the result of the vision and hard work of a group of Idaho residents. They visioned building a Potato Museum to highlight the importance of potatoes to the local economy and to showcase famous potato memorabilia. The Museum’s current building was originally known as the Oregon Short Line Railroad Depot.

Major highlights of the museum:

The museum’s exhibits include the world’s largest potato chip, a timeline history of potato consumption in the US, Peruvian-made 1,600-years-old vessels, and a Hall of Fame acknowledging significant contributions to the potato industry.

At the museum, there is a little gift shop with lots of fun potato-related souvenirs. Also, the Idaho Potato Museum features a café where you can eat various delicious potato dishes, including baked potato, french fries, and potato ice cream.


The Idaho Potato Museum is one of the most popular Idaho Falls attractions. You will have a good time exploring the museum and taste different potato-themed foods. Visit the official website for more information and to plan your visit.

Address: 130 NW Main St, Blackfoot, ID 83221.

Reed’s Dairy, Things to Do In Idaho Falls

08. Eat delicious ice cream at Reed’s Dairy:

Reed’s Dairy first started as a family-owned milk delivery business in 1955 in Idaho Falls. Now they provide milk delivery services in eastern and western Idaho. Reed’s Dairy isn’t just limited to milk delivery service, and they also offer various dairy products, including delicious chocolate milk, cheese curds, and eggnog during the holidays.

In Reed’s Dairy store, you will get to taste their 80+ flavors of delicious ice cream. The flavors of ice cream are amazing, and you can choose from various traditional flavors and unique flavors.

You can also taste their delicious cheese sandwich, made with grilled cheese on homemade bread. You can also visit all the animals on the farm, including goats, sheep, cows, and chickens.

If you are visiting Idaho Falls, don’t forget to visit Reed’s Dairy. Visit the official website to check out more information and home delivery.


Reed’s Dairy will be one of the best places to go in Idaho Falls to taste delicious ice cream.

Location: Reed’s Dairy, 2660 West Broadway, Idaho Falls.


East Idaho Aquarium

09. Visit the marine life of East Idaho Aquarium, things to do in Idaho Falls:

East Idaho Aquarium was founded in 2013 with a mission to increase the public’s awareness of aquatic and non-aquatic ecosystems through innovative, hands-on displays, exhibits, and educational programs. The aquarium is lovingly maintained and growing day by day.

Marine Life of the Idaho Aquarium:

The Aquarium is decorated with tropical vegetation, replica caves, and ancient ruins. And the marine life of the aquarium includes sharks, beautiful tropical fish, eels, octopuses, jellyfish, stingrays, starfish, and other fish species inhabiting Idaho’s lakes and rivers. The interactive tanks are also amazing as you can touch the fish, especially the rays.

At the East Idaho Aquarium, you will also see doctor fish that eat the dead skin off of your hands. There’s an aviary where you will see colorful parakeets, turtles, bearded dragons, and iguanas.


The marine life of East Idaho Aquarium would be one of the best things to see in Idaho Falls. You will love to see all the marine life, and the kids will especially love to explore the aquarium and learn about the fish. Visit the official website for more information and admission.

Address: 570 E Anderson St, Idaho Falls, ID 83401.

Japanese garden, Things to Do In Idaho Falls

10. Enjoy the beauty of a traditional Japanese garden:

The Japanese Friendship Garden was open to the public in October 2016. It was developed to celebrate thirty years of associating with the Japanese sister city, Tokai-Mura. Japanese Friendship Garden features a giant gate, a viewing platform, a pond crossed by a “Dragon’s Path,” a large lantern gifted by Tōkai-Mura, and many water features.

Volunteers have built most of the garden features. The views from the viewing platform will be breathtaking, and it would be a lovely experience for anyone visiting this place.

The garden is a lovely place to spend some time and walk around to enjoy the beauty of a traditional Japanese garden. You will also see lots of unique plants and flowers to complete the theme of the Japanese Friendship Garden.

Because of its beauty, the Japanese Friendship Garden is a popular place for photography and wedding photos. It is open year-round for visitors. If you’re visiting Idaho Falls, don’t forget to stop by at the Japanese Friendship Garden.


The Japanese Friendship Garden is a must-see in Idaho Falls. You can visit with your family and friends.

Address: Idaho Falls, ID 83402, United States.

Melaleuca Field

11. Enjoy watching a baseball match at Melaleuca Field:

Melaleuca Field was known as McDermott Field. The old McDermott Field was torn down in 2006, as it was unsuitable for a baseball game. Idaho Falls Baseball team Chukars approached the City of Idaho Falls about a major renovation. And the estimated cost was over $3.00 million.

The city agreed to allocate $2 million, and the Chukars started a “Step Up To The Plate” fundraising campaign to collect the remaining money. But, the project faced a budget shortfall of half a million, and to complete the construction, Melaleuca company provided the money. And in 2007, the stadium was renamed Melaleuca Field.

The Melaleuca Field is the home field of the Idaho Falls Chukars, an independent Minor League Baseball team. The stadium includes a seating capacity of 3,400 with 1,200 box seats and 1,459 bench seats, eight custom suites with balcony seating, a large press box, two large concession booths, and a sponsored hot tub on the right-field line.

At the stadium, you will enjoy watching a baseball game. You will also find a park right next to the stadium with a basketball court. Visit the official website for upcoming events.

There is available parking near the stadium. And, it would be a good idea to pack some snacks as the foods aren’t cheap.


Melaleuca Field would be one of the best places to visit in Idaho Falls to watch a baseball match.

Address: 900 Jim Garchow Way, Idaho Falls, ID.


Gnarly Escapes, things to do in Idaho Falls
Bank heist, Gnarly Escapes

12. Enjoy a thrilling escape room experience with your family at Gnarly Escapes:

Gnarly Escapes is an escape room in Idaho Falls that offers a thrilling escape room experience. The Gnarly Escapes have two types of escape rooms, “the green belt bank heist,” to enjoy with your family and friends. And “buried alive by a creepy dude” is for a more intense escape room experience.

“The green belt bank heist” starts with a story where you are a member of one of the top heist crews in the country during the early 80s. You will be working with your teammates to take out millions of dollars from the bank. They keep records of players who break out with the most money from the bank, so you can try to break the current records.

On the other hand, “buried alive by a creepy dude” starts with a story where you will be walking down with your companions, and suddenly you feel a sharp twinge in your neck. After that, you wake up inside a wooden box. You are trapped, and to get out, you have to work together with your companions trapped next to you.


It would be one of the best family activities in Idaho Falls. You will have a good time working together to solve the puzzles and complete the escape mission. Visit the official website for more information and booking.

Address: Foote Drive, Idaho Falls, ID.

Collectors Corner Museum

13. Explore the amazing collections of Collectors Corner Museum:

Collectors Corner Museum is housed in a one-story building that was a grocery store in the 1950s. The museum was started by a retired couple, Jim and Nida Gyorfy. They had been collecting for over 60 years. Collectors Corner has over 115 individual collections on display, reflecting the passion of its owners. The Museum’s featured exhibit area changes every 3 months.

The museum’s collections include Ron Lee clowns, hubcaps, coins, troll dolls, Precious Moments figurines, commemorative plates, military collections, Barbies, stamps, model trails, Ken from 1958, and wind-up monkeys printed before 1928.

It would be a great place to spend some time with your family, and the kids will also love to see the toys from the early 1900s. Your experience at Collectors Corner Museum will get more lovely with the owners and their stories about the collections. If you are visiting Idaho falls, don’t miss out on visiting Collectors Corner Museum.

You can also watch this YouTube video to see collections of the museum before exploring them in person.


The Collectors Corner Museum would be one of the fun places to visit in Idaho Falls with family.

Address: 900 John Adams Pkwy, Idaho Falls, ID 83401.

Art Museum Of Eastern Idaho
Ssavage11, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

14. Visit the Art Museum Of Eastern Idaho, things to do in Idaho Falls:

Art Museum Of Eastern Idaho is located close to the Snake River. The art museum has been promoting visual arts since 2002 through innovative and stimulating exhibits. The Art Museum Of Eastern Idaho features five galleries to explore, a gift shop with art pieces by local artists, and a children’s interactive art learning area.

The art museum also gives the children art lessons, and in the children’s art area, they can use their imagination with the learning toys. Also, the museum offers guided tours with art lessons for students and scouts.

The five galleries of the museum showcase around 16 to 20 dynamic art exhibit annually. The major exhibits of the museum feature work by Gainsborough, Rembrandt, Romney, and Courbet. Also, it includes New Japanese Paintings of the 1990s, an internationally touring exhibit featuring contemporary Japanese artists.

The Art Museum Of Eastern Idaho hosts a biennial juried exhibit for emerging regional artists, called Idaho Paints Idaho, which is open to all Idaho artists 18 years and older.


You will have a good time exploring the art. Visit the official website for upcoming exhibits and admission fees.

Address: 300 S Capital Ave, Idaho Falls, ID.

ARTitorium on Broadway
Bathlander, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

15. Create your own masterpiece at ARTitorium:

ARTitorium on Broadway is located in downtown Idaho Falls and was opened in 2014. It is owned and operated by the Idaho Falls Arts Council. The ARTitorium on Broadway offers an imaginative and interactive experience combining art and technology.

It has many interactive exhibits for kids, including a creation station, a virtual gallery, a turbo twister slide, and a green screen.

You can create your own masterpiece at the Creation Stations, perform in front of the green screen, and apply your imagination into motion at the Stop Motion Animation Stations. ARTitorium also includes a 136-seat theater and recording studio with surround sound and state-of-the-art recording equipment.


The ARTitorium would be one of the best places for fun activities in Idaho Falls. You will have a great time with your kids. The kids especially will love it as the ARTitorium inspires them to get creative with the arts. Visit the official website to check the schedule for all kinds of activities.

Address: 271 W Broadway St, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.


Yellowstone, things to do Idaho Falls
Clément Bardot, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

16. Visit the wondrous Yellowstone National Park:

Yellowstone National Park is less than a two-hour drive from Idaho Falls, and you can easily add it to your Idaho Falls vacation plan. This 8,991 km natural wonder comprising stunning lakes, picturesque canyons, lovely rivers, colorful hot springs, wondrous geysers, and breathtaking mountain ranges. The park is home to popular tourist attractions, the Old Faithful Geyser and Grand Prismatic Spring.

Yellowstone Park is home to various species, including Grizzly, deer, bears, wolves, pronghorn, and herds of bison and elk. The park’s bison herd is the oldest and largest bison herd in the United States. The extensive forests and grassland also have many unique species of plants.

Activities in Yellowstone National Park:

At Yellowstone Park, you can do many activities while enjoying the astonishing beauty of nature. The recreational opportunities include hiking, camping, white water rafting, horseback riding, wildlife viewing, and sightseeing.

The Yellowstone National Park would be an amazing travel destination for you, especially if you love adventure and love wondering about nature. You can go hiking in the canyon, where you will get to enjoy wonderful views of the Forest, rivers, and waterfalls. Check out our blog post about the most popular hikes in Yellowstone.

A lovely encounter with bison:

It’s a lovely place to see various wildlife, and you may encounter bison crossing the roads. It would be a good idea to plan for extra driving to enjoy the lovely encounter with majestic bison. Bring food and lots of water with you. Also, you can carry some toilet paper, as sometimes vault toilets can be out of toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

If possible, plan for a couple of days to explore the magical beauty of Yellowstone National Park.


Visiting Yellowstone National Park would be one of the best things to do around Idaho Falls. You can read our blog post about the 10 most popular things to do in Yellowstone to plan your visit.

Grand Teton national park, things to do near Idaho Falls

17. Enjoy the scenic beauty of Grand Teton National Park:

Grand Teton National Park is located in northwestern Wyoming, less than a two-hour drive from Idaho Falls, and you can easily add it to your Idaho Falls vacation plan. The park is approximately 310,000 acres, and it is named after Grand Teton, the tallest mountain of the Teton Range.

Grand Teton park includes the major peaks of the 40-mile-long Teton Range, the 4,000-meter Grand Teton peak, and the valley known as Jackson Hole.

The park is rich with extraordinary wildlife, pristine lakes, and lovely alpine terrain. The Grand Teton Park is a popular destination in summer for mountaineering, hiking, backcountry camping, fishing, boating, and rock climbing.

Popular activities in Grand Teton National Park:

You can go hiking near the stunning Jenny Lake. At Jenny Lake, you will find several hiking options, including a 7.5-mile trek from the Jenny Lake Trailhead to lovely viewpoints, Symmetry Spire, and Cascade Canyon.

You can hike to discover the lovely Hidden Falls, one of the most popular attractions in the park. At the Grand Teton park, you can go boating, water-skiing, and fishing at Jenny Lake and Jackson Lake.

The Taggart Lake Trail offers a moderate hike with a superb view of surrounding meadows and streams. The hike is perfect for families, and it is a 3-mile round-trip with only a 400-foot elevation change. At the park, you can also enjoy a 10-mile of exciting river rafting on the Snake River.

Enjoy a scenic drive at Grand Teton National Park:

Want to enjoy a scenic drive! Grand Teton National Park offers a 42-mile park road for driving, where you will be driving at the base of the mountains. And along the way, you will enjoy the breathtaking views of the Tetons, and you will also see lots of wildlife.


The Grand Teton National Park would be one of the best places to visit near Idaho Falls. You will enjoy the magical natural beauty of Grand Teton with your family. Visit the National Park Service website for more details.

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