21 Useful Travel Tips to follow to enjoy your journey

Useful travel tips can make your journey a lot easier, either it’s a business trip, holiday-making, or your long-held wish to travel the world. You want a lifetime experience to remember. These travel tips will give you peace of mind, and you will enjoy your journey like a pro traveler.

Travel tips to follow when preparing for your trip:

Travel tips

01. Pack light for your trip:

First, make a checklist to list down everything that you would need on your trip. A checklist will help you organize your packaging efficiently. Also, you won’t forget to pack anything, especially all the important documents you may need while traveling.

Try to choose small and lightweight luggage or backpack, as it will help you keep the packing minimal. A smaller backpack also will help to pack your stuff more efficiently. Light packing for your trip will make things a lot easier for you. Also, it will save you from back pain. You can check out SWISSGEAR for good lightweight travel bags, as they have well-thought-out travel luggage.

02. Pre-plan your outfits:

Select your travel outfits after checking the weather condition in your travel destination. Try not to take many outfits with you as you will have a great opportunity to try local clothes. You will find local comfortable clothes, which will also help you blend in with the locals. Wearing local clothes can give you more confidence while traveling.

03. Learn some basic local language:

It’s a pro travel tip, as knowing some basic language can give you an edge on your journey. It will make things easier for you while interacting with locals. You should at least try to learn local greetings and how you can ask for directions, order food, and other similar useful sentences for traveling. Having some basic language knowledge will help you throughout your trip, and the locals will be more friendly when you try out their language. 

Try Duolingo and Memrise, as these free language learning apps will help you learn some basic language in no time. Congrats, you just earned a pro traveler badge.

04. Travel tips for choosing a place you would love exploring:

Choose a travel destination that you will love traveling to. A journey that will give you a lifetime experience. You can follow these travel tips below while choosing your travel destination.
Determine your travel destination based on what activities you want to do there. Because if you are planning to spend a restful vacation, then your travel location may differ from an adventure traveler.

Consider traveling to alternative places overseas. A developing country from Africa, Asia, or the Middle East may not be your dream place, but you won’t regret your decision to travel to a developing society. It can give you a lifetime experience that you may not get from most developed countries.

It’s better if we don’t have any prejudices about a country or city before exploring it. Besides, we never know, as sometimes we get the best experience from a place we had the least expectation.

Choose your favorite season to travel. Personally, I prefer Spring as the days are longer and warmer, and the flowers and trees bloom and flourish, a wonderful sight to see. Try to make your travel plans after checking the current weather condition of your travel destination, as it can differ from your country.

05. Carry a traveler power adaptor and a power bank:

This travel essential may not be on your list, but consider carrying a traveler power adaptor with you while traveling. It has multiple adaptors built-in that will work on various plug points. Also, take a power bank with you and use it only in an emergency.

06. Pre-book airport parking:

If you need to leave your car at the airport, book your parking in advance. Visit Airport Parking Reservations to find a better deal. You can compare the parking rate, reviews, and features of airport parking lots at your departure airport of choice.

07. Book your hire car in advance:

Book your hire car in advance if you need to hire a car on your trip, especially if you are going on a business trip or vacation. Try to check on Economy Car Hire and Sky scanner, as these websites will help you find a better deal with a well-known brand.

08. Carry a basic first-aid kit, and do a health checkup:

Try to carry a basic first aid kit with you while traveling. It can save you big time, especially if you do activities like camping and hiking.

It would be a good idea to have your health check before your trip. You won’t want to get sick in a foreign place while traveling. Also, the new weather may affect your health, to avoid that you should take extra measures beforehand. Try to be careful and enjoy a safe journey.

09. Business and frequent travelers consider carrying a Skyroam:

This travel tip is for business and frequent travelers who would need an internet connection on their trip. Skyroam is a virtual SIM and will let you bring your Wi-Fi hotspot with you to over 130 different countries. It can be a great travel companion for you as you won’t need to buy a local sim anymore. This device saves you the hassle of looking for a Wi-Fi connection anywhere you go. It would be great if they open a rental service, especially for travelers in the future.

10. Make Photocopies of Important Documents:

Take extra measures to keep your important documents safe. So they don’t get lost or stolen.

Travel tips to follow after arriving at your destination:

Travel tips

11. Look for Cultural attractions and festivals:

Try to look for cultural attractions, festivals, and events that you can take part in with locals. You will make some amazing memories to remember, and it will also help you understand their culture better.

12. Check out for activities you can take part in:

After your arrival, try to look for accessible activities you can take part in, like hiking, surfing, and fishing. This will help you forget all the tiredness of traveling, and you will also enjoy a great time doing your favorite thing.

13. Travel Tips for saving on your travel accommodation:

Travel accommodation is sometimes 50% of the travel budget, and it is too much. So, if you are traveling alone, consider these useful money-saving travel tips.

Try to avoid hotels and stay in a hostel if you’re traveling alone. Hostels are inexpensive compare to hotels. Also, you can make friends while staying in a hostel. To reduce your travel cost, it would be a good idea for you to subscribe to a youth hostel like hostelworld. They offer to stay across the globe, and it’s very inexpensive compared to hotels. You can also check Hostelling International, a worldwide network of Not-for-Profit Youth Hostel Association.

Consider checking out these unique travel services to save on your travel accommodation. MyTwinPlace connects travelers with local hosts to share their homes without exchanging money, and you get to experience your destination as you live there. You can also try out Airbnb and Couch surfing to reduce your accommodation cost. Also, you will have a great opportunity to book unique accommodations anywhere around the world.

You may also consider house-sitting while traveling. Because as a sitter, you will get to enjoy an international tour with no accommodation cost. For house sitting, you can check on Trusted Housesitters. They cover around 130 countries around the world.

14. Ask locals about the best method of transport:

Try to ask the locals about the best method of transport or search on Google. Consider taking a train or other public transport while traveling around. If you are traveling alone in an unfamiliar place, traveling with people would be safer for you also it would be more enjoyable. Taxi and Uber would be an option to choose from if available. But most likely they will cost you more than any public transport.

15. Avoid expensive restaurants, and try local food:

Try to eat local food instead of restaurants. It will save you some money, and you will have a great opportunity to taste local delicious foods. You may also get to experience local hospitality at some places in Pakistan and Turkey, as the locals offer visitors all kinds of tasty food for free! 

16. Read tourist guides of the cities you are visiting, travel tips:

Try to read the local tourist guide, as it will give you a detailed idea about available activities and tourist attractions. It will also help you make your plan faster. Also, you will know the best possible route to go there. So after your arrival, grab a local tourist guidebook and start your exciting journey. 

You can also check out Viator for available tours, activities, attraction tickets, and local tour guides at your location.

17. Travel tips for finding a free tour guide:

For a free tour guide, you can check out these well-known websites. GuruWalk is a community of free tour guides from all over the world. Free Tour is one of the leading platforms for smart travelers to book the best budget and free tours with the best local tour guides. Guide Your Trip is the first free network that connects tour guides and travelers. They all offer worldwide services, and it is worth checking, especially if you’re visiting a place for the first time.

18. Try to do bargaining when purchasing something:

In certain countries, people may try to raise the prices of the products, especially if you look like a foreigner. Try to negotiate in a situation like that even if they show you some listed price. Unless it’s a brand shop, you always have scope for bargaining. And don’t feel uncomfortable doing bargaining, as you will feel great when you secure a good deal. Don’t buy with the asking price, as then you might get robbed big time.

19. Travel tips to protect your data and privacy:

When you’re traveling, try to use Google incognito mode and good VPN service while browsing the web, as it will protect your privacy and personal data and save you from any unwanted trouble. Try to follow privacy protection travel tips and browse the web without worrying.

20. Walk around a bit after your arrival:

After arrival, you may want some rest, but take a few minutes to walk around a bit. There’s no better way to see a place than to stroll around, and you will get a refreshing feeling looking up at those exciting new skies.

21. Don’t keep all the money in the same place:

Try to keep your money in different places. Keep some in your backpack, some in your wallet, and on your mobile back cover. Even if you lose some money or get stolen. You can finish your day, at least you will have money to get back.

Travel tips for saving on your flights and hotel booking:

skyline explorer

Booking a hotel for your business trip or to enjoy a vacation with your family. Try to use well-known booking websites to find the best deal for you. You can also find everything wrapped up in one little travel package.                                                                                 

To cut your flight and hotel expenses, check out these price comparison websites below. It will help you to get the best deal with well-known brands.

Travel websites that offer a variety of services you might need for your trip:

Booking.com, TripAdvisor, and Priceline: you can use these websites for booking hotels, flights, car rentals, restaurants, and sightseeing tours. They compare prices, reviews, and features which will help you choose the best deal.

Tours4Fun: For your trip, they offer to have everything wrapped up in one package. Including everything from bus tours to cruises.

JetBlue Vacations: They also offer an all-inclusive vacation package. What makes them different is their pay later option. And it allows users to spread out vacation-package debt across monthly payments. You get to enjoy the same service with JetBlue flight.

Agoda: another leading website for flight and hotel booking. What makes them different is their long-term and apartment stays, which will let you stay for a month in some countries.

Skyscanner: A platform to find the best prices for your vacation or business trip. You can find cheap flights, hotels & car hire from over 1200 travel providers.

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